Here is How to select, move, and group multiple layers in Procreate [Guide 2024]

How to select, move, and group multiple layers in Procreate: Many artists, working professionals, and designers use Procreate as a digital tool to transport their work from a canvas to a digital medium. It is a vastly creative application offering unique features to create a work of Art.

While the physical appeal of drawing on a canvas remains, it is embraced by the benefits of technology. Procreate has revolutionized the way digital art is perceived. One of its most striking features to its users is the Layers. You can download Procreate if you are using Windows.

How To Select Multiple Layers In Procreate

The Layers in Procreate allow different content and image elements to be layered and stacked on each other. You can draw on one layer and simultaneously use another layer to input another work of art.

You can also paint the different layers separately, as they overlap, and transfer them individually without altering one another. They are separate pieces of artwork without any interdependence on each other.

Interestingly, the Layers feature lets you work above or behind each image layer and perform actions on each layer independently.

  • You can create a new layer by tapping the +sign in the Layers menu. Layers added to the project will automatically have sequential numbering as Layer 1, Layer 2, Layer 3, etc.
  • By swiping left, additional features like Lock, Duplicate, and Delete can be applied.
  • You can create a copy of the layer on a new one by clicking on the’ Duplicate‘ option.
  • By clicking on Delete, you can delete the selected layer. The locks feature can lock the layer you have selected to save the content. The contents of a locked layer will not change.

Some of the additional options for layering are listed below –

  1. By clicking on the rename option, you can rename a layer.
  2. The Fill layer option fills the entire layer with the active color.
  3. The Invert button inverts the colors of a layer.
  4. You can change the Layer-visibility by clicking on the checkboxes.
  5. The merge-down option can merge the layer beneath the active layer, resulting in one merged layer.
  6. Combining down can merge the active and beneath layers into a layer group.

Managing layers is an integral part of working on Procreate for complex projects. Layers can be selected and moved around in a group, leading to a much more organized layer panel. However, this can get overwhelming while working with Layers due to its many sub-features and intricacies.

You might create as many as 90 to 100 layers to move, edit, and keep track of. Moving and grouping them individually is a time-consuming and tedious task, which also wastes a lot of your time.

Keeping that in mind, we tried to help you with the same in this article. We have simplified and listed below the steps to select, move, and group multiple layers.

How To Select Multiple Layers In Procreate: ( 8 steps )

1. Click on the ‘Layers’ button on the Toolbar

At the top, on the toolbar, you can find the Layers option in Procreate. Its icon is that of two overlapping squares. Press the Toolbar button, to find the entire layers panel for the canvas. In this Layers panel, you can find all the options to add, delete, select, move, and group all the layers you created in Procreate.

2. Select the layer in Procreate you want

You will find the list of layers you have created on the Layers panel. You should select your desired layer simply by tapping on it.

3. For selecting multiple layers in Procreate, swipe right

Go through the list of your layers. To select multiple layers, swipe right on each layer you want. Swiping right on each layer will turn those layers dull blue, while the layer you previously selected will remain bright blue. This way, you can easily keep track of the multiple layers you have selected. Remember that all the selected layers will be grouped and moved together. So be sure with your selection.

4. You still can deselect in Procreate if you want to

If you have made a mistake and selected an unwanted layer, do not worry. You can still deselect that particular layer. Swipe right again on the layer that you had selected by mistake. That will remove the layer from your selection list, and it will turn back to grey.

5. Rearrange the layers in the panel

You can drag the layers upwards or downwards to rearrange the order of the layers in the panel. It lets you arrange the layers according to their significance for your better organization.

6. Drag and move the layers in Process to the spot you want

After selecting all the layers you wish, you can drag and move the multiple layers to the desired area of your work. Just hold and press your finger down on any of the selected layers. They will all pop out of the panel together in a cluster. By keeping your finger pressed on the layer, drag them to the spot you want. Remove your fingers, and all the layers will fall in place.

7. Create a group of multiple layers in Procreate

After selecting and rearranging, you can click the Group button at the top of the Layers panel and group them. This way, you can group multiple layers according to your preference. You can expand or collapse your group list by clicking on the arrow beside the Group button.

8. Move a layer group in Procreate

You can move groups of layers by holding your finger down on the group’s name. Release your fingers wherever you want to place them in the panel.

Please check the following steps in the screenshot to better understand how to select, move, and group multiple layers in Procreate.

Selecting, moving, and grouping multiple layers in Procreate can be messy, tedious, and tiresome, especially when dealing with multiple layers. However, now that you have read this article and have gone through all the steps meticulously, you can select, move, and group any number of layers in Procreate. You can learn more from Procreate’s Official Site. Go ahead and work with your layers!


Can you simultaneously work on multiple layers in Procreate?

Yes, you can select multiple layers and work and simultaneously apply actions & effects like liquify on them.

How do you manipulate different layers in Procreate?

First, you will have to bring up the menu for layers. In the upper left corner of the screen, there will be an icon for two overlapping boxes. Click on it. This will bring up the menu for layers. You can select, move, add, delete, etc., different layers in this menu.

How can I simultaneously select multiple layers in Procreate?

First, bring up the layers menu from the upper left corner of the tab. You can select any layer by simply tapping on it. To select multiple layers, swipe right on the layers you want to select.

How do you rearrange layers in Procreate?

After selecting single or multiple layers, you can rearrange them by moving them upwards or downwards. Just press and hold your finger on any selected layers and drag your finger up or down to move the layers accordingly.

How do you group multiple layers in Procreate?

You can bunch multiple layers together in a group by simply clicking on the layers you want to group and tapping the ‘Group’ button at the crown of the layers section. All selected layers will be organized in a single group, which can be manipulated.