Here is How to make your background look better in Procreate? Try These Tips (2024)

Nobody likes a plain and simple background in this article we will tell you how to make your background look better in Procreate?

How To Make Your Background Look Better In Procreate

Why leave your background plain, when you can create magic with the brushes, layers and extraordinary effects much quicker?

When you look into a finished product and the artist is giving a white background. Sure, the color, shades and character design are top-notch, but you just wanted a little more background, a little more depth to the art.
Personally, sometimes I avoid doing a detailed background either due to time or I am terrible at doing that background, so instead of trying to learn that, I procrastinate.

Maybe you can relate to this, but you know the days when a lot of motivation just came inside you, well, in those days, I sit and do the backgrounds.

And through that experience, I learn the significance of doing background. So, I would suggest a little thing through my experiences, at least give a pattern or a solid colour to your character, or do some gradient shadings outside the character.

To give an example: –

From the above example, if only I add some patterns it would look way better, isn’t it?
You may do backgrounds at any software which you are comfortable working with, but today we are going to talk about background brush packs for Procreate. Also the time lapsing  and liquify features make Procreate worth buying. You only need enough battery and a strong Wi-Fi to make your art files heavenly.

Procreate Brushes:

Brushes are the key element to give us a mind-blowing background. Wasting no more extra time, let’s get to the real deal!

1. Use the Dirty Halftones BrushSet

If you are into creating a background with many dimensions, you truly want your brushes to have a good texture, right? This pack is exactly used for that!

You will get brushes with different textures, shades, and sprays that help you create some top-notch dimensions, and create depth and dynamic into your background. You can also create a dramatic background with it as the brushes give you the freedom to do horizontal lines or fine-drawn squares, large or light dots, and many more.

You can mix so many things as there are so many options to choose from.

The following are what you are going to get in this pack: –

● 14 Texturizers
● 14 Shaders
● 14 Sprayers
● 5 extra brushes (bonus)
● 2 video tutorials

To sum it up, you will get 47 brushes in total. Think of what you can do and there are tutorials to help you understand. To know more or to get the pack, click the link mentioned below.

The Dirty Halftones BrushSet: –

2. Use the 3D Lettering Toolkit for Procreate

“Why is it even included?”, you may ask and may also presume that I have gone crazy and playing Minecraft all day (okay, this I cannot deny) all day long and other games. But unfortunately, I am more than that. Yes, the name of the pack sounds like something you would question in an article with the topic.

But let me tell you, I am so crazy that I want you to try this and experiment with it, you will get 6 background brushes, compared with the previous one, and it would not even make one-third of it.

But, if you want to check these 6 brushes, they are outstanding and can create various types of background. This would also be a win-win situation if you do lettering and do some background designs at the same time.

And if you do not, the brushes that come with this pack are neat and something to look at. It gives you that extra shine and dynamic finish. To brag about this pack more, you will get eight more in-built Procreate backgrounds with it, they are good to go!

The following are what you are going to get using this pack: –

● 2 Texture Brushes
● 2 Mono Line Brushes
● 2 Shading Brushes
● 2 Pattern Brushes
● 2 Highlight Brushes
● 4 Color Palettes
● 3 Reference Alphabets
● 8 Backgrounds

The brushes are outstanding and are indeed good for 3D Lettering, creating dynamics and backgrounds, and more! The major part I like about art is that you get to decide what you want to do, how you want to do it, and that makes it so unique!

The 3D Lettering Toolkit For Procreate: –

A QUICK TIP: – If you came so far reading this, you are serious about what you want to do and I appreciate reading it. So, here is a reward for that, sometimes brushes are also not the case. You know what you need to focus more on? The answer is the color palette which you choose.

It is tough to choose as Procreate and most of the digital art software comes with a color wheel where you can choose anything. It will take time but make the right decisions in selecting the color palette for your background, even brushes cannot cover that flaw.
It is all trial-and-error. Try to think if that color would suit what you want the background to look like.

3. Use the Delicious Texture Brushes and free eye Stamps for Procreate.

I love how the pack name says what I am going for, just some textures and viola! A quick background with different textures you like is ready! Textures make a background interesting with no complications!

The following are the things you will get in this pack: –

● 6 Light Texture Brushes
● 6 Medium to Heavy Texture Brushes
● 6 Shape Filler Brushes
● 12 Stamp Brushes
● 1 Pencil Brush
● A PDF guiding you on how to use the mentioned brushes

33 Brushes, a good deal, right? Try it! It makes some yummy textures and more!

The Delicious Texture Brushes and Stamps for Procreate:

Wrapping Up

Backgrounds are important, try one or two packs or whichever you feel like to make your background look better, to give you a solid significance of adding a background.
Remember how I said in the beginning that there was a picture with a white background?

And here is the point, even if there are flaws in your character (sometimes you only see it where as the viewer does not point a thing and your anxiety hits you in the face when you posted your art and people liked it but you saw your flaws after posting it), but if you add a background it balances the ratio.

Try it and you will find it out! Let us know in the comments about your thoughts and opinions or anything! Bye and keep creating and exploring.