Here is How to animate using Procreate [ Tutorial for Beginners 2024 ]

Have you done animation before? Do you know about Procreate? Procreate is an advanced drawing and painting app that can be used for many other Art creations. People can also use it to animate stuff that they want.

Today, animation is an extensive and exciting skill to learn, but many cannot know it because they lack knowledge and cannot find suitable software.

So, in this article, I will tell you how to animate using Procreate, an excellent app for any digital illustration.

One thing to be clear is that it is only available on iPads and iPhones, and you won’t get it on any Android device.

Understanding Procreate

Procreate is a professional illustration software, but understanding and learning it is not so complicated. Procreate provides many options for users to draw/animate on it.    

The procedure can be easily derived from creativity and knowledge of How to create stickers on Procreate.

How To Animate Using Procreate

For animation on Procreate, there is a tool called Animation Assist. Instead of having frames like other animation software, it has groups with different layers, which also have onion skin, in which you can draw your object and do your artwork layer by layer, as you made in the frame-by-frame option.

Drawing has various options like brush boldness, opacity change, isometric, symmetry, perspective grid change, font change if using text, over 150+ colors to use, and 120+ different and unique brushes. 

Learners often seek the answer to how to change opacity in Procreate. The option to modify the opacity of a layer has been removed from the Adjustments tab. This tool was available in the earlier version of Procreate.

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to draw such goods, you can use this app’s artwork templates.

How do you draw your first Animation?

Now that you know how much Procreate provides you for animation, let’s make your first animation on Procreate. However, once you learn all about Procreate, you can make anything. But here I am, teaching you beginner things, so I will tell you all the steps for making your first animation.

So, to learn, you can choose any favorite object of yours, and I will tell you how to perfect your animation.

Step 1: Complete your artwork

Draw your first-ever object on the first layer; for the perfection of the drawing, you can use different colors and shades and other kinds of brushes to make the drawing look as realistic as possible. Also, if you are not great at drawing, you can use the best template that fits your work.

Step 2: Turn on Animation Assist

Now that you have done your original artwork and drawing turn on Animation Assist by going to the wrench icon in the left-hand corner. Then, choose Canvas, where you can turn on the Animation Assist tool. Now, you can go frame or layer by layer to make an animation. You can also turn on the onion skin to see the previous layer.

Step 3: Complete the animation layer by layer

Now that you have space, layers, and drawing, you can start making the next frames of your animation.

Here is a tip: you can copy the first drawing you made in all the frames and then make changes frame by frame so that you won’t need to draw the same drawing every new time. To make it look more realistic and good, have a gap of 2-3 frames between one drawing and another so it doesn’t look too fast, but don’t go over this, or it will look too slow.

Now, play it and see if it is good. If it looks realistic, then great job; you have successfully made your first animation, but if it still looks bad, try changing the speed by increasing or decreasing the gap of the frame or try to draw it more accurately in every frame. I hope this article helps you. Now, you can use your imagination to animate on Procreate. 

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