✅Procreate🎨 Can’t Import PSD File: Quick and Easy Solutions (2024)

Procreate is a raster graphics editor app where an individual can edit or illustrate digital paintings for iOS. It is mainly used by professional illustrators & digital artists. So, one has to have an iPad or Apple device to access it, but most people use this app on an iPad or iPhone. 

It is not available on MacBook. The app can be downloaded from the Apple app store. The basic version of the app is available for free, but the Pro version comes at around 9.99 dollars, which is about 757 rupees.

Now, let’s Find out how to solve the Procreate Can’t Import PSD File issue with a step-by-step Guide.

What is PSD?

PSD is the extension name of Adobe Photoshop. It is a file format of Adobe Photoshop. In simple words, it’s easy to use file format for editing. It consists of high-quality data & images. It helps in storing a bunch of images or edited works in Photoshop. 

How To Open PSD Files In Procreate

  1. In ProCreate, tap “Import” at the top toolbar.
  2. The Files provider popup will appear; tap “Browse,” then select FileBrowser Pro or FileBrowserGO and tap “Network Folders.”

Various problems are faced by Users while importing PSD files in Procreate 

Lately, multiple users have faced problems importing the PSD files in Procreate. Here are some of the problems faced by the users:

  1. Users can’t be able to ‘insert file’ of a PSD formatted file into a procreate document. This is restricting them from importing the files & affecting the workflow of the illustrators/ digital artists.
  2. When users import PSD files, a dialogue box says the files are invalid or corrupted.
  3. Procreate does not support PSD files containing text, which restricts importing, and users also have to compromise with this limitation.
  4. Even low-resolution or size PSD files cause issues when importing those files.
  5. It has a limited layer limit and doesn’t allow you to get unlimited layers.
  6. It has limited resolution, so not all resolution PSD files are supported.
  7. If an individual uses Procreate like an iPad, it should at least have 4 GB RAM & 64 GB ROM to function smoothly. So please Choose the best iPad for Procreate App And Use it flawlessly.

Limitations of using Procreate

Some of the limitations of using Procreate are as follows:

  1. There is no default shape/ brush tool to use. One has to download it from other uses and then save it to iCloud to use the shape/ brush tool feature.
  2. There is no default text tool; therefore, you can’t add text to your work.
  3. There is no selection tool.
  4. It cannot create 300dpi images in large print.
  5. The app gets slower and sometimes stops working. Multiple paintings are created in it.
  6. The oil paintings and acrylic paintings lack realism.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Procreate is a fantastic app for digital artists, professional illustrators & every user. It gives a very smooth work experience, but one must consider the above-mentioned multiple problems or factors before spending on the app. 

The main point is that opening or importing PSD files is not the best option. Many other software prove their worth when importing or rendering PSD files, such as Coral Draw, Adobe Photoshop, etc., which perform much better. 

The app interface could be optimized more to provide the missing essential elements. Even though the customers mention various problems, app developers should consider them. They should work on the update, especially regarding the issue most people face when Procreate can’t import PSD files. 

Since most digital artists, editors, or professionals use PSD files, this could make their work easy. Various other software can be used as an alternate and will provide better service as per reports of users.

The other alternate apps/ software are as follows: 

  • Pixelmator: It is a Mac photo/ image editing software that can use vector tool features to get presets to edit images.
  • Adobe Fresco: If you use a stylus or touch device, Adobe Fresco covers you.
  • Sketchbook: If you are one of those who loves to portray their work through sketching, it is the app for you.
  • Ibis Paint X is one of the most versatile apps, allowing users to express their creativity.
  • Art Studio Pro is one of the most influential and versatile editing apps that will let you work seamlessly with its smooth interface & doesn’t restrict you with petty problems.