5 Best Procreate Eye Stamps for Digital Portraits in 2024

5 Best Procreate Eye Stamps for Digital Portraits: Do you struggle drawing faces in your illustrations? Ever imagined a beautiful set of eyes for your portrait, only for it to look like a zombie on the screen? We all have. Fortunately, procreate is here to help us out.Procreate Eye Stamps for Digital Portraits

Procreate gives you the symmetry tool to make matching eyes on both sides of the face and many brushes to draw gorgeous irises, lashes, eyebrows, everything. But what if I told you there’s something that will let you draw eyes in one tap of your digital pencil. No, I’m not kidding. Do you want to know what it is? STAMPS!

Stamps are here to make your digital portraits look stunning while reducing much of your work! Let’s get started with the five best Procreate eye stamps for more accessible digital portraits.

Best Procreate Eye Stamps For Digital Portraits 2023

  • Free Eye Stamp Pack

Let’s kick things off with a free pack. If you don’t love free, you are spoiled. And that’s a fact. This stamp is excellent for designing your character’s eyes while playing with your creative self.

You get your standard irises, alright, but where’s the fun in that. So, this pack offers you, drumroll, please…………… cat irises, heart irises, and mystic irises! Play.

Here’s everything available in the Free Eye Stamp Pack:

  • Six eye iris stamps
  • One eyelash brush

Not many packs have detailed options for irises, so you can combine this free pack with any face-building bags mentioned below to create a detailed digital portrait..

  • Procreate Eye Brushes

This pack does not give you stamps for the whole eye like the previous one. Instead, you get different brushes for other eye parts, like the iris, pupil, veins, and lashes. You’ll have to work on this stamp- no more than a few more taps- but the result will look realistic and worth the effort.

Apart from all this, you get some sparkly brushes to illuminate your character’s eyes!

The Procreate Eye Brushes bundle includes the following:

  • 4 Iris brushes – For accessible iris details and texture
  • Pupil brush
  • Veins brush – Create the most realistic looking veins
  • Eye shadow brush – Paint colorful eyeshadow
  • 2 Sparkly brushes and 1 Highlight brush
  • Lashes brush – For perfect lashes
  • 2 Skin texture brushes
  • Skin lighter brush

This is an affordable set you can use to voice out your creativity. After all, it’s all in the eyes. Isn’t it?

  • Portrait Toolkit [also works with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Affinity]

We’ve already established that it is challenging to draw eyes. But the sad truth is that removing any part of your character’s face is not easy. Portrait Toolkit provides all that you need to make it easy. Stamps for eyes, nose, ears, mouth, head, skin. All of it!

Here’s everything available in the Portrait Toolkit for Procreate:

  • 20 eye stamp bushes
  • 20 headstamp brushes
  • 20 mouth stamp brushes
  • 20 nose stamp brushes
  • 20 ear stamp brushes
  • Two skin tone palettes
  • PDF reference guide and PDF version of all meetings for analog drawing

With 20 different options for all the parts, you can make 3,200,000 combinations on your digital portraits without risk of them looking the same. If that does not scream VALUE, I don’t know what does.

  • Ultimate Portrait Bundle

This Ultimate Portrait Bundle for Procreate is similar to the one discussed above but with some extra stuff. You get your heads, noses, ears, eyes, mouths, skin, hair, and eyelash brushes! So, you can say goodbye to your hand-drawn zombie portraits.

The Ultimate Portrait Bundle includes:

  • 81 facial feature brushes
  • 20 texture brushes
  • Four template files (front, profile, 3/4, colors)
  • Three comprehensive tutorials (1h+)
  • Four bonus color palettes

This bundle does not only give eye stamps but so much more. You also get some valuable brushes for hair and skin. And on top of all that, you get tutorials on making the best digital portrait out of all these Procreate stamps!

  • Build a Face Brush Pack

 The list of 5 best Procreate eye stamps for digital portraits is incomplete without one of Procreate’s most popular artist: Art with Flo! You should check out her works ASAP! Her art will inspire anyone to get out their artist’s block, and her tutorials will help you start or master your way in Procreate.

Build a Face Brush Pack by Art with Flo will not fail! It’s a beautiful collection of eye stamps, including face stamps, that will save time and give you precisely what you need.

Compared to the ones we’ve discussed, this set is affordable, with fewer options while maintaining its quality. If you are only a beginner and don’t want to spend too much and be confused about the choices, this is for you!

Here’s everything available in the Build a Face Brush Set:

  • Three base heads
  • Seven pairs of eyes
  • Five eyebrows
  • Six noses
  • Seven lips
  • Three pairs of ears

This is a cute little set to get you started with Procreate and put together a striking character.

And that’s all for your 5 Best Procreate Eye Stamps for Easier Digital Portraits. Remember, do not get overwhelmed or confused with too many stamp options. Decide what you want and hold on to that. Now, buy whatever you like from the list above, get your iPad, your digital pencil and start Procreating! And say goodbye to zombies’ faces!

How To Copy An Eye In Procreate?

Copying an eye can be a tricky task if you don’t have the right tools and techniques. Copying an eye in Procreate is a useful technique for creating realistic artwork. To do this,

Step-1 Start by opening up the Layer Sidebar and selecting the Free Procreate Eye Stamps or Eyeball Stamp preset. This will bring up the Eyeball Tool.

Step-2 Adjust the size, position, and details of the eye according to your needs before pressing “Commit.”

Step-3 Finally, set the layer blend mode to Multiply or Overlay for a more realistic look and feel.

Adjust each stamp carefully, as adding too much detail may appear too busy when combined with other elements. As always, experiment until you find what works best for your artwork.

Digital art is emerging as an increasingly influential form of creativity and expression in our digitally connected world. By leveraging powerful tools such as virtual reality, and 3D graphics technology, digital artists can create complex pieces of work with unprecedented detail and complexity with procreate.

Furthermore, these advancements also enable digital arts to transition more easily from concept art into interactive multimedia experiences for everyone to enjoy. So go ahead and use the Procreate Eye Stamps Free.

Nose Stamp Procreate Free

Nose Stamp is very useful and provides high utility to Procreate users, a Free and powerful graphic design tool created specifically for Apple iPad owners. It offers a unique and intuitive interface, allowing users to quickly create professional-grade graphics with high accuracy without needing expert-level knowledge.

The app comes preloaded with over 150 unique stamp designs, giving users plenty of options when creating artwork. It also supports custom brushes and multiple layers, making assembling complex and detailed designs easy.

The nose Stamp feature in Procreate Free lets you copy a futuristic pre-set of a nose which is considered to be an ideal tool for professional graphic designers on the go, as it combines features and easesthe way of use needed to get the job done quickly and accurately no matter where an individual is.